We’re finished talking about inactive populations. We are a collective of smart, experienced, servant-leader doers with complimentary skill sets that can support your activity strategy from start to finish.

Our Vision

Vibrant, active, healthy populations.

Our Mission

Provide one stop, full-service expertise & support to mobilize your activity strategy.

Our Values

Focus We’re not interested in being everything to everyone, we’re interested in being everything YOU need.
Integrity We will say what we’re going to do and then do what we say. No less.
Quality We are a collective who takes pride in delivering quality products, resources & services.
Legacy We’re not interested in the celebrity status or the one and done. We pay forward to pay forward.
Fun If it’s not fun along the way, it’s probably not worth it.


    In 2010, Nike initiated a process with over 70 organizations worldwide to better understand the underlying issues related to physical inactivity and help consolidate the facts and findings on the topic. The goal was to establish a unified path forward for action. They shared their findings in a report called Designed to Move.

    "Designed to Move is founded on a robust evidence base. The science is clear, the debate is over. Urgent Priority must be given to dramatically increase the worlds commitment to physical activity. Designed to Move is a framework for action. It’s meant for the changemakers—people, companies, institutions and governments with the resources to turn this situation around. It’s for nations who want to invest in unleashing the human potential of their citizens.”


    Create Early Positive Experiences for Children
    • Special Emphasis on childhood: Before Age 10
    • Design for Early Positive Experiences in Physical Education, Sports & Physical Play
    • Special Emphasis on Schools as a Foundation 
for Impact
    • Combine Resources at the community Level
    • Leverage digital Platforms
    • Invest In & Recruit diverse Role Models
    Integrate Physical Activity into Everyday Life
    • Design Physical Activity into the Built Environment
    • Align Sectors that Share Goals
    • Challenge Misaligned Incentive Structures
    • Challenge Everyday Signals that Reinforce the 
Current Norm

    At the exact same time as the Designed to Move Report was published, a small group of fitness professionals were engaged by elementary schools to “speak to the children about the importance of physical activity”. This presented the gaps in the physical activity (and comprehension of physical literacy) pathway; plenty of information & education (what & why), limited activation & accountability (how) strategy. After a six month University audit of North American programs complete with feedback from kids, parents, teachers, coaches and superintendents, we launched our first mass participation activation campaign, the 60 Minute Kidsclub.


    The 60 Minute Kidsclub Program addressed all the factors that play into a great experience for kids (fig. 3.1) and eventually a constituent from the Designed to Move team would connect the 60 Minute Kidsclub to the Designed to Move Champions. Since then, the 60 Minute Kidsclub Program has scaled from a single school supporting the development of healthy habits and fundamental movement skills to supporting schools around the world and the accompanying engagement strategy has proven effective across multiple marketplaces.

Activation is our game

We bring your physical activity & literacy IDEAS to life. We’re light on the talk, heavy on the activation & accountability.

It is evidence based, but not evidence waste. We don’t continue to drill into the obvious what & why, we’re how-centric.

It is customized to your needs. Format, business, style, duration, dose, language, sector, community & country.

We use a proven blend of high touch + high tech engagement because we know that provides the best results.

We’re big on tracking, reporting & sharing results. As the saying goes, numbers do not embellish.

We’re user friendly. This is the digital era, hence we bring the expertise to you. How you want, when you want, where you want.


Activation Strategies

On all things active from consultation to design, implementation & support.

Consulting & Mentorship

On all things active from research to coaching, business development & governance

Event Production & Management

On all things active from fundraising to public speaking, health tours & live events.


On all things active from brand creative, to digital summits, trackers & IT support.

Sector Specific

On all things active from fundraising to public speaking, health tours & live events.

Our Team

Exceptional, experienced servant-leaders who are really good at what we do.

  • Matt Young

    Founder at Innovative Fitness. Personal Sport Record. Healthmet Technologies 

    Steve Podborski O.C., LL.D (Hon)

    President and CEO Parachute 

    Wade Gilbert, PhD

    Professor & Coaching Consultant, Department of Kinesiology, California State University - Fresno, USA

    Peter Twist

    Founder & CEO Twist Performance Integrated Health Centers, Twist Conditioning global education systems

    John O’Sullivan 

    Public Speaker

    Shaunna Taylor, PhD CCC

    Canadian Sport Psychology Association, University of British Columbia, Vancouver 

  • Glenn Young

    Educational Change Consultant

    Stan Peake 

    Business & Leadership Coach 

    Martin Reader

    2012 Olympian & Co-Founder of Strive Life Athletics 

    Elisa Marruzo

    Strategic Development

    Pound & Grain

    Digital Creative Agency 

    Daryl Devonish

    Founder the Sweat Shoppe. 60 Minute Kidsclub. PYP Academy 

  • Grace Choi

    Grace Choi Events Ltd. Founder & Event Director

    Steve Boyle, M.Ed, CSC

    Sport Sampling & Physical Literacy Expert & Co-Founder and CEO at National Association of Physical Literacy (naplUSA) and 2-4-1 Sports

    Chris Tremblay

    Director of Community Engagement for Atlantic Canada at Sport for Life.

    William Cromack

    Director of Sport at Chimp. Founder at Play Better. Founder/GM/Coach TSS FC Rovers USL PDL soccer club

    Jeffrey Zahavich, PhD trainee

    Director, Kinesic Sport Lab

    Christine Hampson Ph.D.

    Founder at Hampson/Roberts Solutions Group Inc. President & CEO of The Sandbox Project

  • Gillian Mackay

    Client Engagement and Business Development

    Jenny Mitchell BHkin, MEd, MCAA

    Lee Cassells

    General Manager Innovative Fitness

    Mark Verbeek

    Movement Education Consultant

    Nathan Horne

    Physical Educator & Founder of iPhys-Ed.com

    Atlee James

    Founder at Potential Pictures

  • Sarah Cahill mED, CSCS, SCCC

    Sports Performance Coach

    Joey Eisenmann, PhD

    Director of High Performance & Education, USA Football

    Wendy Rijen Glover

    Coach/Phys. Ed.Teacher (LEAP Athlete Development Prgm) Health & Wellness, Sports Management-Kinesiology & Child Development

    Glen Mulcahey

    Peter Buchner Hede

    Founder of The Pulse project in Denmark

How We Work

1. Consultation We start with an overview of where you are and where you’d like to be. This is BIG IDEA development that is retuned with recommendations.

2. Mentorship We roll up our sleeves and "teach to fish vs. giving a fish". We’re not fans of the one and done. Our preference is supporting self guided sustainability.

3. Activation A BIG IDEA can end up very small without a well executed activation strategy. Our combined years of success & struggle will maximize your execution.

4. Evaluation No guesswork. Did we accomplish our mutually agreed upon consultation goals or did we not? We’re putting our reputation on it!

5. What’s next We’re not just going to leave you hanging, during and after the evaluation we will work together to ensure there is always a ‘what’s next’.

Experience Counts

Our team has worked with over 60 business organizations, 60 sports organizations and 60 educational institutions to deliver quality services, programs, campaigns, and platforms.


Want to work with us or talk about how we can work with you? Email us at info@qualitycoachingcollective.com